A Note for Evangelicals Going to the Polls November 8, 2016

To evangelicals going to the polls: vote for whomever you wish, but please do not pretend that Donald Trump is any more of a righteous choice than anyone else. He may claim to be against abortion. However, a candidate who has suggested that we kill the families of terrorists, has demonized Mexicans as criminals and rapists, has called for immigration restrictions based on faith, refuses refugees, brushes of talk of sexual assault as “locker room talk,” and attacks the character of dissenters is no way espouses evangelical Christianity which views all humanity as created in the image of God and therefore worthful.

By executive order, Abraham Lincoln declared slavery to be illegal as implied by constitutional law in 1863 and yet black suffrage did not occur until seven years later and their ability to vote was still marginalized until the mid 1900s. Jim Crow laws existed until the 1960s and we’re to this day working through a myriad of race issues.

So, legislation is not the problem. Our view of people and understanding of the gospel is, and Trump’s behavior is at odds with this. The view that legislation is the solution is as Russell Moore put it, “the kind of cultural nominal Christianity that can be quite good for restraining some aspects of over immorality but is worse than paganism if there is in fact a hell.” I could go on about his normalizing of abusive behaviors, but I’ll leave my statements where I have.

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