A Public Apology November 9, 2016

Dear LGBT, female, non-caucasian, and all other friends,

As an white evangelical voter, I am embarrassed and apologetic.
A large portion of my demographic has made their chief end moralism through any means necessary and discovered that legislation is much easier than relationship. In seeking to influence the culture, they failed to love individuals by turning a deaf ear to devaluing and hateful speech. This is entirely inconsistent with a religion that teaches that all humans bear the image of God.

I am deeply grieved by the accepting as normal the devaluing of any person and the attacking the character of those with whom you disagree. I apologize for wanton abuse dealt you by some in my community, for their normalization of this behavior, and for my own failure to begin speaking publicly against it sooner than I did. We may have our disagreements, but there will always be a seat for you at my table met with respect and grace.

(And for the record, I did not vote Trump.)

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